Services We Offer

Stump Grinding

Our primary service is stump grinding. We have the ability to handle the smallest of stumps to the largest of stumps. With the use of are small machine we can get into gates that are as small as 36" allowing us to enter backyards. With the use of the large machine we can handle just about any stump that we are asked to grind. The only thing that stands in our way is access to the stump.

Clean up

Once the grinding is done you have the option to clean up the chips and dirt yourself or we can do it for you. If you choose to have us do it there is an additional fee. We will clean up the dirt and chips and remove from site. There may be a few chips left in hole. We then will back fill with a screened top soil and seed the area with a quality tall fescue.

The Stump

In the pictures below you can see the steps of the stump grinding and clean up.
When I arrived we had a 54" stump.
When I finished grinding I had a large pile of chips and dirt.
And the finished job.